Marketing & Promotions

Just as how ants use the soil surface to leave pheromone trails that may be followed by other ants, we helps customers do the same with their referrals

Make sure your product or service gets out there and is noticed in the best way possible

As there is always new ideas, new products and services popping up in business, it is imperative to make sure yours gets out there and is noticed in as wide a range as possible. Great ideas and products can go unnoticed because of insufficient promotion and at the same time not-so-good ideas can become the next big thing because of the right amount of promotion.

The Referrals Agency can offer the solution to this pickle by promoting your products for you. These could be new innovative products or existing ones that just need more attention to increase sales figures. 

Our unique way of using referrals gives us an edge in getting your message and your proposition out there. 

We aim to always provide a win-win-win outcome in everything we do for our clients and their customers.

A customized promotion strategy guarantees an increase of sales once implemented in the right way

This is useful to small and start-up companies that want to bring awareness to their products, but can also be used by bigger companies in all sectors to bring awareness to new products or certain offers on new and existing products and services.

The Marketing and Promotions service is especially useful when targeting a particular market. Then a customized promotion strategy can be implemented which will guarantee an increase of sales for the product or service.

This service can be used alongside other services such as sales outsourcing. A product or service promotion is usually time limited but it can be on going. For those promotions that require sales of the product or service on location, we can allocate a sales force so your own sales people can go about their regular duties.

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