Lead Generation

Ants carefully select their nest sites and avoid sites with dead ants, as these may indicate the presence of pests or disease, Similar to how we carefully target the right prospects and aim to avoid dead ends.

It's a simple strategy that produces great results

Steps to generating leads

Generating the right leads comprises of three main steps including:

  • Identifying and profiling the target prospects in the market in question;
  • Making contact with the decision maker. Sometimes this involves multiple visits to the location until the right decision maker is identified;
  • Following up with the decision maker if they haven’t made a purchase or signed up to the product or service.

To provide value to our clients' customers, we have to make sure they are the right prospects to begin with.

All starts with getting the right target prospects


The Referrals Agency can take on this role so as to gather the right prospects for your business that are ready to take the next step. Your in-house sales team can then follow up and sign them up or if you have the TRA sales outsourcing service it will be an end-to-end service.

The unique referral system that we’ve built up allows us to get to the right target prospects more effectively. You will therefore always know the leads are of high quality and bound to be of more benefit to your business.

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