Branding, Launching and Awareness

Male ants take flight before the females and secrete a mating pheromone that females follow to gain attention and awareness akin to how we create attention and awareness for our clients

It's not just about having a good product, success comes in having the package

Launching and Awareness

Most start-up businesses go under in their first year because they fail to make an impact in their respective markets during their launching period. Things such as branding and awareness of the company can have a sizable effect on the initial success of the company.

It is not just about having a good product but also a good brand to go with it, knowing the market for a launch at the right moment and making the customer aware of the product as much as possible. Success comes in having the right package of everything done just right.

Part of our mission is to always punch above our weight and deliver beyond our clients’ expectations

Branding is not just the name and logo of the company


The Referrals Agency can offer start-up companies invaluable assistance and guidance as well as taking over some of the nitty-gritties in the branding, launching and awareness of the company. Branding is not just the name of the company but its appearance and presentation including logos, slogans and substances that go with it and more.

By analysing the market your company wants to go into we can come up with the best time to launch the brand, making sure you are ready thereby getting the best return from the start. We can also help with the basics such as a good website among other things and as much customer awareness as possible.

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